Travis Scott Is Denied Performing At 2022 Coachella Even For Free


Travis Scott is faced with some pretty massive issues that will definitely impact his career. This comes after the disaster at a recent concert which left more kids dead and others severely injured.

Check out the latest reports coming from The Shade Room.

TSR notes that ‘the fallout from Travis Scott’s Astroworld tragedy continues weeks after the deadly music festival claimed the lives of 10 people—and now Travis has been pulled from one of the biggest music festivals in the world, despite offering to perform for free. According to recent reports, following the news that Travis Scott was dropped from #Coachella, he reportedly then offered to perform without pay…and was still denied.’

TSR quotes Yahoo News reports and reveals that ‘not only will Travis Scott not make his return to the stage via a headlining show at Coachella in 2022—apparently the music festival’s organizers don’t even want him to perform for free. Following Coachella’s producer Goldenvoice officially dropping Travis Scott as the headliner for its April 2022 three-day festival, Travis’ booking agent Cara Lewis, reportedly presented the offer that he would instead perform for free…but that offer was quickly declined.’

TSR said that ‘This is the latest incident in the extreme fallout from Travis’ Astroworld festival last month that sadly claimed the lives of 10 people, injured dozens of others, and has resulted in multiple lawsuits totaling in the hundreds of billions. He was initially announced as the Coachella headliner back in 2019, but with the rise of COVID-19 the festival was pushed back until April 2022.’

Someone said: ‘Listen he got bad juju and a mountain of legal issues. Sadly business wise ain’t nobody trying to attach themselves to him right now. 10 bodies is hard to explain his fault or not.’

A commenter posted this: ‘It’s sad. Y’all treating him like he killed his fans himself or planned for the killings to go down. He isn’t in control of others, it could’ve happened at ANY concert. Sending good vibes and prayers his way!’

One other follower said: ‘We are addicted to being outraged. Any chance society gets to attack someone, we start foaming at the mouth. Are his hands absolutely clean from the tragedy? No, but the finger pointing, shaming, and focus strictly on him is out of control.’

A fan posted the following message: ‘I’m confused. What exactly did Travis do wrong?? Why is he being penalized and punished?’ and another follower answered this: ‘When you’re holding a major event such as a festival you are made aware of hazards and potential hazards…once you’ve ignored those hazards and go against safety guidelines…You are held responsible for any damages, injuries or death that occur from breaking those guidelines.’

Travis is definitely not having the best time of his life these days and more fallout will probably come around the rapper.