Older Americans make up a majority of COVID deaths. They are falling behind on boosters


Amna Nawaz:

That’s right Judy.

Older Americans have borne the brunt of the pandemic death toll. People 65 and up make up 75 percent of all COVID deaths in the U.S., or 600,000 of those nearly 800,000 deaths. Younger Americans, 45 to 64, make up 21 percent. Those 45 and below are just 4 percent of all deaths.

Meanwhile, among some of the most vulnerable Americans, nursing home residents, just 51 percent have gotten a booster shot.

For more on this, I’m joined by David Grabowski. He’s a professor of health care policy at Harvard Medical School.

David, welcome back to the “NewsHour.” Thanks for making the time.

That number is just staggering to think about. But there is a big range in that group, 65 and older, so who are we really talking about? Who is making up sort of the bulk of that death toll?