Moise assassination may be linked to what he knew about Haitian drugs, arms trafficking


Nick Schifrin:

Jovenel Moise was a political unknown before becoming Haiti’s president in 2017. But, in July, a hit squad walked into Moise’s house unchallenged by his security and assassinated him.

He had been presiding over a country that’s been compared to a narco-state, rampant with drug smuggling, corruption, and widespread impunity, from powerful gangs to oligarchs to the government itself.

Moise was a product of that world. But, as The New York Times reports, he was also apparently taking major steps to reveal it.

The article was written by Maria Abi-Habib, who joins us now via Skype.

Maria, welcome to the “NewsHour.”

So, tell us, what information was Moise preparing and what was he intending to do with it?