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I was very disappointed to hear Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh say that the false allegation made by former Workers’ Party MP Raeesah Khan did not do much harm to the Singapore Police Force (False allegation did not do much harm to police: Pritam, Dec 13).

The false statements were not corrected for three months, putting the honour of the police force on the line during that time.

Coming from an MP, the allegation would have generated much publicity.

The words and actions of MPs carry weight, much more than any member of the public.

Time and resources were expended by the police to look into the allegation.

These efforts could have been better utilised in other law enforcement areas.

There was also online criticism unfairly levelled at the police force. This was inexcusable, unwarranted and unfair to the police.

The police were a victim in this whole fiasco.

We must have a sense of justice and be able to distinguish right from wrong.

I am very thankful that the Singapore Police Force maintained its composure and worked relentlessly to seek the truth.

I hope that Singaporeans will not prejudge public servants when accusations are made against them.

Seek the truth and let justice prevail.

Foo Sing Kheng